New Product Development

Are you managing your portfolios, dealing with your product development life cycle and tracking your development costs? Need a solution to streamline your processes? Thanks to its wide range of built-in and customizable functions, Sciforma offers a seamlessly integrated NPD management framework that will encompass all your needs!



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Create work flows that integrate your “Phase-Gate” or “Phase-Review” frameworks.
  • Initiate and describe a new idea.
  • Help project managers estimate the technical feasibility, market impact or financial reward for any idea.
  • Manage the relevant prioritization criteria and gather stakeholders’ opinions.
  • Generate an efficient dashboard to help management select future successful projects.
  • Roll-up and monitor the new projects’ performance.
  • Balance between different activities (innovative projects, regulatory projects, continuous engineering, etc.).
  • Combine views of projects (strategic vs operational) to enable powerful Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-based dashboards for ensuring projects are on track.

Portfolio Management

  • Ideation Process: Provide stakeholders in your organization with the ability to initiate and describe a new idea and help project managers estimate the Technical Feasibility, Market Impact or Financial Reward for any idea.
  • Prioritization & Selection: Manage the relevant prioritization, gather stakeholders’ opinions and generate an efficient dashboard to help Management select future successful projects.
  • Performance Follow-up: At the portfolio/program level, roll-up and monitor the performance of new projects to ensure the perfect balance between all the different activities.

Product Management

  • Life Cycle Management: Whether your company is following one of the NPD-standard methodologies or using a home-grown approach, Sciforma can be customized to perfectly integrate your product life cycle and support the different stages/phases, gates/validation points and deliverables. A user-friendly framework will be made available to your project managers to efficiently scope and define a project and build a business case.
  • Objectives vs Achievement: Launching the right project is a key for success but making sure that the projects deliver as expected is at least as important. Sciforma offers a fully integrated dual vision of the projects (strategic vs operational) that enables powerful KPI-based dashboards to keep the projects on track.

Project Follow-Up

  • Time-Tracking: It will be quick and easy for the team members to report their progress on a regular basis. This information will not only allow the Project Managers to update the project completion but also feeds the high level dashboard and optionally an external accounting system.
  • Milestone/ Deliverables: While developing the new product, the project manager needs to schedule a detailed milestones and deliverables breakdown structure. Sciforma is completely equipped for templates insertion, steps list management, risks impact simulations, etc.
  • Resource Allocation: To fulfill the project commitments, it is critical to ensure the availability of the right resources at the right moment. To make it more efficient, Sciforma effectively structures the relationship between the Project Managers and the Resource Managers who are assigning the members of the future project team.