I.T. Project & Portfolio Management

Information Technology Governance is a framework for leadership, organizational structures and business processes, standards and compliance to these standards. This framework ensures that the organization’s IT supports and enables the achievement of its strategies and objectives, and is used by many IT departments, as well as financial and software industries.


With Sciforma, you can:

  • Create workflows to formalize and enforce internal processes to meet both IT and business needs.
  • Initiate, plan, and prioritize projects (program portfolios, programs, projects, etc).
  • Arrange your projects into a project/job classification matrix with finely tuned management of permissions.
  • Manage resource and cost items across Organizations.
  • Conduct capacity planning, including resource allocation and assignment.
  • Identify and manage risk.
  • Track spending and planned costs through variance analysis and Earned Value reporting.
  • Monitor, track, and report on Project Performance and Quality.
  • Collaborate with documentation, posts, and issue management.
  • Customize audit trails.
  • Log field values for lessons learned meetings.

Establish Strategic Direction with Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio identification: Define the appropriate attributes of your portfolios (e.g. managers, budget, permissions, etc.) and the adapted criteria driving the decision making processes within each of them.
  • Define prospective project & create a business case: Prospective projects are submitted to the appropriate portfolio and a business case defined for each idea based on estimated: duration, resource requirements, costs items, etc. Initial ratings can be given to evaluate the prospective project based on strategic criteria.
  • Evaluate proposed projects: In addition to scoring capabilities based on the business case definition, Sciforma offers a collaborative ranking feature enabling decision makers to order each project based on criteria unique to each portfolio.
  • Balance and monitor portfolios: Do real-time pipeline management and compare the proposed projects that are designed to become active and the on-going projects to budget and resource availability. Sciforma initiates new projects but keeps the original information available for comparison and lessons learned.

Execute Strategy & Manage Risks with Project Management

  • Initiation: On project initiation coordinate your communications by informing the project manager, alert an accounting system, allocate the new projects’ budget, and keep project resources informed from beginning to end. These actions can be fully configured to meet any corporate workflow.
  • Planning: All in one place: schedule, resource, risk and cost management. Sciforma includes an abundance of tools including Monte Carlo Simulation, pooled risk analysis, and resource leveling to help the Project Manager plan and then execute the project.
  • Executing: Easy resource management helps you schedule your shared resources around other corporate efforts. Using Sciforma, you will be able to track project progress, and set flags for automatic notification when milestones or limits are met.
  • Monitoring and controlling: Make sure that the project delivers as expected (identify variances) and measure the impact of changes (what-if scenarios) occuring during your project life cycle using the powerful and configurable Sciforma dashboards.
  • Closing: Compare your initial project baselines to actual outcomes. Sciforma will help you close the project by reviewing issues encountered during the project for lessons learned.