Project Managers: Why you will love Sciforma:

Top-Notch Scheduling


  • Very powerful Gantt Chart: Sciforma will make your life a lot easier with unlimited undos and the ability to split tasks.
  • Workload management schedule: Optimize your resources utilization by monitoring allocated rates and avoid their over and under allocation.
  • Get actuals in one click: Sciforma helps you keep track of your projects and updates actuals before you even think about it.

User-friendly Interface


  • Available from any device: Features like time tracking and reporting can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Dedicated workspaces and home page: You can personalize Sciforma to make it your own!
  • Easy to use: Get familiar with the tool in a heartbeat.



  • Improved Collaboration : You will be able to enhance collaboration within your entire organization thanks to Sciforma emails and alerts capabilities.
  • Free read-only access: Keep your stakeholders in the loop with constant communication, using Sciforma’s free read-only access to reports.
  • Better bottom-up communication : The bottom-up transfer of information is only a click away with Sciforma’s numerous options to share information.

Get better project visibility!


  • Better manage unforeseen events: Sciforma’s risk management feature will considerably reduce the impact and probability of your risks.
  • Results and lessons learned : Control and monitor your projects and portfolios using an unlimited number of reports, either already created by Sciforma.
  • Global visibility: Avoid bad surprises with Sciforma! Sciforma’s global visibility will help you anticipate issues, including unforeseen delays and lack of resources.