Agile Project Management

Do you use Agile to manage your projects? Are backlogs, sprints and scrum meetings and reports part of your daily work?

Sciforma offers a seamlessly integrated Agile management framework that will guide you through your projects and help you manage and control software and product development in rapidly changing environments.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Review product backlogs items
  • Upload project documentation
  • Plan your sprints
  • Enter actuals and revised estimates
  • Review planning board for Scrum meeting
  • Update progress
  • Review Scrum reports

Critical Chain Project Management

Do you manage your projects using a Critical Chain approach as opposed to Critical Path? Are you scheduling your tasks around resource constraints and utilizing buffers to protect your projects and critical activities?

Sciforma provides a robust implementation of Critical Chain, including planning backwards from a target end date, removal of resource contention, Critical Chain identification, buffer calculation and insertion, and automatic buffer absorption during project execution.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Create the reverse network from the finish constraint to the start date of the project.
  • Enter both duration (50%) and safe duration (90%) estimates for each task.
  • Remove resource contention that may impact the planning of the project.
  • Identify the Critical Chain regarding both task and resource dependencies.
  • Calculate both feeding and project buffers to protect the Critical Chain and the finish constraint of the project.
  • Multi-project synchronize allowing drum resources to work on projects within their capacity.
  • Manage buffers and the Critical Chain through the Gantt view and reports.

Phase-Gate Project Management

Are you delivering your projects through a formal phase-gate review process? Tracking deliverables and milestones while managing costs and initiatives? Thanks to its wide range of built-in and customizable functions, Sciforma offers a seamlessly integrated phase-gate management framework that encompasses your project and product development lifecycles.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Identify and plan for new initiatives.
  • Manage the relevant prioritization criteria and gather stakeholders’ opinions.
  • Build a business case to compare against other potential products and existing projects for capacity planning analysis.
  • Define workflows with associated phases and gates.
  • Develop a project plan, execute it, and time-track.
  • Refine project metrics and understand risks.
  • Automate and streamline cross-functional product development processes such as Phase-Review resulting in reduced process latency and faster time to value for new products.
  • Monitor project delivery and refine portfolio roadmaps.

PMBOK Project Management

Do you follow the PMI standards and guidelines to make sure the right projects are done at the right time? Sciforma processes and templates are based on the PMBOK to ensure your processes are in track with its guidelines.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Align your portfolio with your company’s strategies.
  • Perform high level cost studies of proposed projects.
  • Link the entire team together into a live project environment for real time statusing.
  • Consider resource skills, availability, job classifications and organization when assigning them to tasks.
  • Obtain resources actual effort data via time sheets or one of several other methods.
  • Better gauge project results with robust dashboard reporting accessible from any device (tablets, smartphones..).

PRINCE2® Project Management

Are you planning your projects utilizing a PRINCE2® approach? Need help organizing all the information and documentation from inception to delivery? Use Sciforma to easily apply the standards of this methodology utilizing unique tools, workflows and dashboards to drive project governance.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Provide precise project definition using form based entry of project information following PRINCE2® terminology and guidelines.
  • Carry out product based planning utilizing Gantt or form views to define work packages, stages, products and tasks.
  • Have consistent document control by saving document versions within Sciforma with a record of changes and distribution details.
  • Adapt your governance using workflow based tracking of project status/stage with built-in approval that can be tailored to your environment.
  • Communicate simply through email notification of stage completion and other governance events.
  • Configure flexible and tailored workspaces for individual PRINCE2® roles to provide suitable screens and reports for each role.