Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Public Sector

AEC and public sector environments often require the management of different funding sources for large, multiyear projects, such as the construction of buildings, from high-rises to factories. Projects may include aerospace and defense work, highways, bridges, dams, telecommunications networks, transportation systems, oil and gas collection and refining plants, power generation and distribution facilities and other projects for state, federal and local agencies.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Secure funding for your projects.
  • Guarantee operational management and program efficiency.
  • Benefit from a high level reporting system.
  • Improve communication & organize everything with our Document Management feature
  • Easily access Financial Reporting and Cost Management features
  • Efficiently schedule your projects
  • Analyze your Portfolios and decide what’s best for your organization
  • Manage your resources

Alignment with Corporate Objectives

  • Portfolio Management: Sciforma supports the full lifecycle of project & portfolio management, and helps you make decisions focused on the best outcomes for your organization. Having access to a global view of your project related activities will accelerate the implementation of corporate strategies.
  • Reporting: Monitor and control your different projects and portfolios, and make this control visible to senior management. This will allow a strong goal-oriented mind frame within your organization.
  • Stakeholders Satisfaction: Stakeholders, directly involved or not, can have a serious impact on your projects. Sciforma will help you follow the right processes and manage the systems of constraints, keeping the stakeholders satisfied.

Most efficient execution

  • Project Management: Sciforma provides the ideal structure to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your projects and pipeline. You will now be able to execute projects in adherence with your processes, within time and budget. This will help to control and reduce public spending.
  • Optimize resources Management: The availability of the right resources at the right time is critical. Sciforma structures the relationship between project managers and resource managers, allowing a more effective use of resources.
  • Budgeting flexibility: In the public industry and because of the legislation, there is usually no guarantee that projects will be fully funded. Deadlines and scope of projects can also be affected, making it difficult for project managers to plan their projects. Sciforma budgeting features will help you flexibly manage these uncertainties.

Enhanced Flexibility

  • Change management: With Sciforma, your organization can respond rapidly to environmental changes (e.g government direction), without undergoing a complete restructure. You can easily apply required changes and look at the impact with the information automatically updated. Handle changes like nothing ever happened.
  • Risk Management: With that many uncertainties in your projects scope, timeframe and budget, risk management is essential to your organization. Track project risks, define mitigation, and set workflows in Sciforma. Use Monte Carlo simulation to create appropriate project buffers and plan for unforeseen events that might have an impact on the outcome of your project.
  • Processes: The public sector is ruled by standards and processes that everybody needs to follow and which represent constraints in the execution of projects. Sciforma workflow capacity automates these standards and processes, improving employees’ adherence to them.