Why you should look at Sciforma


sciforma-s4-article-701Most PPM vendors handle projects, resources, documents, issues, risks, etc.
So what makes Sciforma special?

Clients choose Sciforma for the following compelling benefits:

Flexibility (aka. Ease-Of-Use)


Ease-Of-Use is a by-product of flexibility. Sciforma has the unparalleled ability to configure the system to make it really easy to use.

For example : For each job there is a Workspace. A workspace only shows data, buttons and tools needed to perform a particular task. See how easy it is to create a workspace.


What users say about Sciforma Flexibility:


The system looks great and is easy to use.Matt Jeffrey, SALMAT EPMO Manager.

The flexibility of Sciforma is such that implementation is limited by the imagination and creativity of the team. We are not constrained by the rigidity one finds in other project management tools.Ralph Mills, Executive Manager, Denel IIS

Sciformais simple to use, easy to use, and tell us in Real Time where our projects areaClem Rajah, ESKOM Primary Energy Division.

The main reason why we went with Sciformais flexibility.Dave Jacobs, EMBA Project Management.



Sciforma has a greater depth of power features compared to any other PPM system available today.

Sciformais a fully featured data management system, which includes a comprehensive set of project management tools.

Sciforma has many unique features to easily capture and report on any data item, including KPIs, Capex & Opex, NPV & IRR, tonnages, even bed-days, or anything else.

With Sciforma there are almost no limits.


What users say about Sciforma Power:


Sciformawas chosen against various industry players to beef up the mega portfolio of projects for a large mining client Barend Cronje, MD, CoLab.

Sciformamet all of our expectations in managing a complex environment.” – Ralph Mills, Executive Manager, Denel IIS


Power Features


  • Scheduling. Sciforma Corp. has been developing scheduling tools since the 1980s. Thus the built-in integrated scheduler is fully featured and totally web based.
    See video.
  • Reporting. The amazing Sciforma report writer is unmatched in power.
    A single report can contain multiple objects, such as graphs, tables, Gantt, matrix, etc.
    With full drill-down you can zoom into any level of detail or another report. (See video)
  • Risk Analysis. Sciforma has built on Critical Chain concepts, such as buffers, to produce the benefits of Critical Chain, without the problems.
    Monte Carlo analysis determines buffer size. (See video)
  • Forms. The power of Sciforma Forms allows for a great user experience. Forms can contain any report, graph, table, traffic light, image, and more. Forms may be displayed inside other Forms (very useful in workflow).
  • Workflow. Each step in a workflow may be imbued with a vast amount of power ranging from simple actions (ie. saving a baseline) to executing powerful processing needed to transfer data between enterprise systems. Workflow also covers Documents, Issues, Risks, Change requests, etc. See video on Workflow.
  • Unlimited Fields. Add unlimited user defined fields and formulas using the richest variety of fields types found in any application. Formulas are not constrained to a single data category.
  • Extra Data Tables. The ultimate in power user defined tables. Not only can new data tables be added, but each table can contain unlimited fields, formulas, forms, workflow and reports. Almost any advanced requirement can be satisfied with user defined data tables.



Sciforma is one integrated system. You are not encumbered by add-on modules which make competitive systems complex to implement and use.


One Integrated System:


  • No separate Scheduler. Save money and a raft of problems. There is not need to run a separate scheduler with all the problems this entails.
  • No separate Spreadsheets. There is no need to capture data in a spreadsheet and before uploading to Sciforma, thus avoiding mistakes and extra effort. However, if need be, Sciforma can easily read & write to spreadsheets.
  • No separate Document Management. This makes it very easy to access documents linked to projects, tasks or teams. However, Sciforma can be easily linked to an external document management system such as Sharepoint.
  • No separate Portfolio Management. Once again, avoid a raft of problems by not having to use two different systems, one for project management and one for portfolio management.
  • No separate Report Writer. Much easier to use than a bolted-on reporting engine. Sciforma reports are intelligent because they understand the relationship between portfolios, projects, tasks, resources, etc.
  • No separate Risk Analysis. Sciforma contains an integrated Risk Analysis module using Monte Carlo simulation.
  • No Queues. With Sciforma , the database is updated instantly. This eliminates the need for queues with a host of queue related problems (missing data, delays, etc.).

Multi Platform


Every single screen and function in Sciforma is Web based and runs on multiple platforms and workstations (Windows, Apple and Linux).


Save Money:


Save money by implementing open source server software.

For the database we recommend PostgresSQL which is industrial strength and free.

For the application server we recommend Tomcat Apache which is used by the majority of servers in the world.



Sciforma pricing is based on innovative use of Tokens. Clients purchase an amount of tokens and apply them to unlock functionality for users.


Benefits of Tokens


A project manager, for example, would need more tokens to do his/her job compared to team members who only need to capture time.

The benefit is that clients only pay for functions they need. Competitive systems require a fixed price per user resulting wasted cost for unused functionality.

Solution & Support from MPS



What users say about MPS Support:


We have been extremely impressed by the professional approach taken by MPS.Matt Jeffrey, SALMAT EPMO Manager. MPS thoroughly understood our requirements and configured Sciforma exactly as expected.

The MPS team have given us incredible support. They were not after the money, they were after success.” – Clem Rajah, ESKOM, Primary Energy Division.

The support has been absolutely fantastic.Suzanne Lomax, FNB Wealth. The turnaround time on support issues is fantastic.