SaaS (Software as a Service) Implementation

saasSciforma’s SaaS offering is dedicated to help clients who want to benefit from Sciforma’s technological advances in a sophisticated technical infrastructure with no IT constraints. It is not necessary to purchase servers, databases or firewalls: Sciforma provides a top-of-the-line project and portfolio solution which is highly cost effective. Sciforma also selected the best hosting solutions to build its offer: a powerful, reliable and secure infrastructure. Sciforma’s hosted platform is SSAE 16 certified.

Hosted Implementation

hostedWith Sciforma in hosted mode, the software is purchased and uses the hosting capabilities described above. The hosted option allows you to own the software and shift to the on-site option.

On-site Implementation

inhouseSciforma is technology agnostic, and this is one of its main advantages. You can use most popular OSs (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux), databases, browsers, and application servers. In order to provide user authentication, Sciforma can also be linked to your existing systems using its support for integrated Windows authentication, SAML Single Sign-On, and LDAP accessible directory services. The on-site option allows you to shift to the hosted option.