Come and share our excitement. You are invited to a public presentation of S7 to view the future of PPM.



What makes Sciforma 7 the most exciting PPM solution available today?


The amazing new version 7 has been totally re-written and is based on new technology:

  • Crisp, modern interface, very easy to use. Sciforma employed UI (User Interface) experts as well as UX (User Experience) experts during the development of S7. The result is a good looking system that is great to use.
  • New HTML5 technology allow multiple people to update the same project at the same time. Instant login from any device.
  • All aspects of S7 (and we mean ALL) can be customised by users, no coding required. S7 can do exactly what you want.
  • and much more…

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Please RSVP to Linda with your preferred date to book your place: or call 011 706 7015.

Sciforma 7 Public Presentation:


  • Venue: MPS Offices (see map)

  • Time: 09h00 for 09h30

  • Duration: 2 hours.

A new level of Enterprise Project & Portfiolio Management Software

In order for an enterprise to run efficiently, it is necessary to implement project and portfolio management software, otherwise known as ppm software, which is easy to use and helps to manage and keep track of all projects and tasks. MPS (Management Planning Systems) specialises in implementing integrated project management tools and solutions, with their Sciforma PPM solution being an exceptional portfolio and project manager tool.

Sciforma makes it easy to implement fast, effective online project management which goes into effect from the initial ideas stage, right through to the realization of benefits from the completed project. Sciforma is completely customizable to meet your business’ unique requirements and offers a wide range of outstanding features and benefits.

The benefits of Sciforma Project and portfolio software

While most ppm software is simply equipped to handle elements such as projects, resources, documents, issues, and risks, Sciforma goes the extra mile, offering a host of unique benefits which include the following:


Other enterprise level project management tools often leave users feeling constrained by the rigidity of how they operate. With Sciforma project management software, a great level of flexibility is offered, making this project software extremely easy to use. Without this ease of use, users may often be put off by the idea of online project planning software.

Amazing power features:

With Sciforma project management software, there are almost no limits. Compared to other project systems, Sciforma has a greater depth of power features which include a comprehensive set of project management tools. This fully featured data management system allows you to easily capture and report on any data item, with other unique features which will meet all of your expectations even in the most complex of environments.


While competitors would usually require a fixed pricing system, Sciforma’s pricing system is based on the innovative use of tokens. Clients purchase an amount of tokens and apply them to unlock functionality for users. This means that clients only pay for the functions which they need and there are no wasted costs.

One integrated system:

Sciforma is one integrated system, which means that you are not overwhelmed by add-on modules which make project management software confusing to and complex to use. This means no separate scheduler; no separate spread sheets; and no separate document management, portfolio management, report writer or risk analysis. This is all part of the reason why this project tool is so efficient and easy to use.

New Technology:

All good software needs to be re-written every couple of years. Without a re-write, software becomes dated, cumbersome to use and difficult to configure. To keep Sciforma fresh with a crisp fast interface, Sciforma recently underwent the 4th rewrite in its 25 year history. Sciforma version 7 (called S7) now runs on HTML5 which allows for instant logins and a whole new user experience. For S7, Sciforma made extensive use of User Interface Experts and User Experience Experts to provide a fully featured PPM solutions which is a pleasure to use.

Why choose MPS?

MPS prides itself on having delivered successful results to some of the largest companies in South Africa, with a reputation for providing the most effective offline and online project and portfolio systems management software. With software for ppm that can be customized to your company’s unique needs, MPS is the most effective and affordable solution when it comes to acquiring the most rewarding project tools.

MPS also offers highly impressive customer support in order to ensure that you get everything you need from your project management tools and software.

So come on, take that next step right now and find out how MPS’s range of offline and online project management tools and services can help your business soar to new heights!