PMO: Why you will love Sciforma

Team support


  • Project Communication : Sciforma offers informative reports and metrics to support and facilitate the transparency of team communication.
  • Standards and Templates : Project managers and team members are able to start working quickly and efficiently using the existing collateral contained in the software (templates, reports, KPI etc).
  • User Roles: Sciforma’s role based approach allows you to set permissions and edit access for each user. Users only get access to the functions they have been granted.

Processes & Methods


  • Better bottom-up communication: Sciforma is the ideal central interface allowing you to link higher management to projects, and enabling better joint decisions based on facts.
  • Consistent transparency : All projects and portfolios are easy to monitor due to central data management and integration with the IT environment.
  • Multi-method approach : Sciforma supports different methods to use at your convenience, and while staying on track with your overall projects. All data are then consolidated. These methods include: Agile, Critical Chain, Phase-Gate..

PPM Maturity


  • Central Monitoring: The coordination and the quality of projects, processes, workflows, metrics and methods is carried out by a central authority, allowing more transparency.
  • Project Management Maturity: Sciforma provides a simple framework that grows with you and your organization as you develop project management maturity.
  • Lessons Learned: Experience from previous projects goes directly to upcoming projects and enables the continuous improvement of project completion.

Management Support


  • Consistent Reporting: Make better decisions based on current, solid and comparable data.
  • Escalation Management: Early warning systems alert you to possible issues and conflicts, in term of resources & schedule, before they happen or in time to deal with them.
  • Risk Management : Benefit from a continuous assessment process for the entire project environment, allowing you to better handle risks and their impacts.