Decision Makers: Why you will love Sciforma

why_sciforma_executives The flexibility of PSNext is such that implementation is limited by the imagination and creativity of the team. We are not constrained by the rigidity one finds in other project management tools.

– Ralph Mills, Executive Manager, Denel IIS

Money Well Spent


  • Quickly operational: With our wide range of user-friendly & out-of-the-box solutions, you can considerably facilitate and accelerate the implementation of your project and portfolio management system.
  • Excellent Return On Investment: Thanks to a fast-track implementation, an on-demand license pricing and short training period, you get an excellent Return On Investment.

Wise Decisions


  • Abilities to ramp up: Thanks to its modular usage and the simplicity of configuration, Sciforma adapts to the level of your users, with extended features that are best in class.
  • Limited commitment: Thanks to a license model with no time obligation, you fully control your commitment level.

Global Vision


  • Strong adoption by your end users: You can guarantee a smooth change and a quick adoption of the solution by all your end users thanks to Sciforma’s uncluttered screens, minimal number of clicks and the use of your company terminology.
  • Full adaptation to your environment (and not the other way around): Thanks to its workflow engine, Sciforma adapts to your environment, whatever sector you’re in and whatever the size of your company.



  • Prestigious awards: Sciforma received the Best Overall Value Award for enterprise PPM solutions from Info-Tech Research Group and the positive player status from the Gartner’s MarketScope for Project & Portfolio Management Applications 2013.
  • Key player, close to its customers: With more than 30 years of expertise in the PPM field, Sciforma is a worldwide and independent key player. Working closely with its customers, Sciforma provides a proven enterprise class product with more than 5,000 customers and a quarter million users in more than 25 countries.