Quotes From Previous Sciforma User Group Conferences:

(Note: Sciforma Was Previously Known As PSNext)


Sciforma User Group 2014

  • Ratio of knowledge gained vs. time invested was really productive. Time well spent, thank you! – Charlene Bruton- IRESS
  • I Didn’t know that Sciforma could do Agile- an eye opener. I wish we had another hour to see more of it. – Lorenzo Torresin, Allos Consulting
  • It was very informative and I enjoyed the experience to talk to other users. – Konrad Bartel, OpsLogik
  • Great Knowledge and information sharing. It was a brilliant learning forum, especially for new users. The session was very beneficial to me. – Pebble Thabile Hlubi, AdaptIT
  • As usual, this conference is extremely informative and a valuable event every year. Please Continue. – Albert Adams, Steinmuller
  • I was very impressed and especially enjoyed the new format (info sharing and updates). – Vinodhan Selvarajalu, CSIR
  • Very helpful and an eye opener- informative – Belinda Kroukamp, AdaptIT
  • Presentations were interesting. – Anben Govender, GIBB


Anonymous Comments:


  • Content was good, I think all users should attend at least every second year. The Highlight was the search function of S7
  • The conference was very informative and knowledge based. The role players and presenters were well prepared and knew their subject. This is really an event to look forward to yearly.
  • The speakers really provided insightful information.
  • Very good and the speakers were well chosen.
  • As I work as an Independent Consultant in Project Management and I facilitate a lot of training, I often am asked about alternatives to MS-Project. I always recommend Sciforma. I do not own a copy but like to keep up with the major new features. Hence my attendance to this event.
  • Eye opener, very good


Delegate Comments on Speakers:


Albert Adams, Steinmuller: Quantities, taking the guesswork out of progress

  • Awesome.
  • Very good demonstration of benefits of planning and improvement.
  • Excellent presentation of task scheduling.
  • Excellent! Good to see how much detail Sciforma can manage.


Alwyn van Niekerk, Interfile: Overview of Agile and Implementation using Sciforma

  • Strong presentation, great overview of Agile. Practical ways of applying Agile.
  • Great speaker. Brilliant insight into the intimidating Agile.
  • 12/10. Amazing speaker, anyone else must learn from him. Also best overview of Agile I have ever seen. He told a complete story, nails you on the chair. Best Visualisations in Sciforma I have ever seen.
  • Important topic, charismatically delivered.


Peter Jacobs, GIBB: ERP Integration with Sciforma

  • Really interesting and valuable knowledge sharing.
  • Very useful information, hands on experience with issues related to integrations. Has great value. Great insights. Engaging.
  • Great talk. Interesting to listen to how Gibb have integrated systems.
  • Excellent.


Rinus Leeuwner, Kumba Iron Ore: Life of Sciforma in Kumba

  • Gave an excellent strategic view of Sciforma integration (people, tech and process). Highlighted need for change management. Great.
  • Very informative, Value added lessons learned and “tips” for implementing and maintaining the system.
  • Excellent presentation, lively, energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Enjoyed the journey and background presented as it demonstrates a real time scenario with the challenges but also the successes in a complex environment.