Professional Services Administration

Are you part of the Professional Services & Administration sector and do you offer services managed as projects? The flexibility of the tool will help you manage client projects, forecast costs and revenues, build quotations, manage invoices, and schedule professional services.



With Sciforma, you can:

  • Define, monitor and manage budgets, revenues, and margins across the pipeline.
  • Create opportunities, define customer attributes including description of services, overall deliverables, billable and non-billable tasks, and more.
  • Define labor costs and revenue rates and simulate overall expenditure and revenue for a given project.
  • Use workflows to validate and review information and obtain approvals.
  • Create quotations using Sciforma that can be distributed to prospects and customers.
  • Identify purchase orders and billing rates to coordinate invoicing and project accounting.
  • Manage the project, schedule resources, and coordinate activities.

Get Work

  • Leads & Opportunities: Identify potential projects and opportunities, qualify them, and prepare professional looking proposals and SOWs to present to clients.
  • Bids: Obtain and manage purchase orders, track billing modes such as fixed-priced, time & material, or both, and identify billable activities.

Do Work

  • Scheduling: With budget in-hand, projects can commence and implementation managers can easily manage their plans using familiar scheduling tools.
  • Execution: After the consultants finish their activities with the client, they can easily track and update their time spent and expenses using any mobile device.

Bill Work

  • Billing: With the actual hours spent provided, accounts payable can easily track purchase orders and prepare invoices.
  • Dashboards: Effectively track the progression of the client project, review billings and remaining budgets, and manage revenues through intuitive dashboards.

Track Work

  • Forecasting: Beyond day-to-day project management, Sciforma also offers numerous reports that you can easily and rapidly adapt to your needs. Sales Managers can review all their projects and their Purchase Orders, and better identify where budget is available and resources are needed. They are also able to review the invoicing plan, revise forecasts and readjust the plan and strategy.
  • Lessons Learned: In Sciforma, you can review and record your project take-aways to mitigate risks and ensure greater success in future projects.