How ERP can benefit your business

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning and it focuses on a company’s core business, finding ways to make a company more successful. Many companies implement an ERP system in order to make their business more efficient and manage data from their business activities such as marketing, sales, and service delivery. ERP systems also provide you…


Things you didn’t know about the Gantt chart

If you know anything about project management, then you are probably familiar with the Gantt chart.  The Gantt chart is one of the most popular and useful ways of showing activities (tasks or events) displayed against time. The setup of the chart makes it easy to understand, with the left side of the chart displaying a list of the activities, with a suitable time scale along the top of the chart.


8 Step Process for New Product Development

New Product Development (also known as NPD) is a vital aspect of project management, helping to forge the way for new innovations, and ultimately, increased sales. Whether your company is seeking to expand operations, introduce new items to your product offering or move forward with ideas for the growth of the business, this approach ensures that planning is done right from the moment of idea conception.


Spreadsheets – The Priciest Project Portfolio Management Tool You Never Paid For

These days, almost everyone uses spreadsheets, from project portfolio management professionals all the way to school kids. In fact, the use of spreadsheets is so great that Microsoft estimates an approximate 450 million users of its popular Excel spreadsheet tool across the world.

With a number of distinct advantages that make them easy to use (for the most part anyway), spreadsheets are used to make lists, tables, calculations, graphs, reports, project planners, inventory lists, resource lists, project scope statements and many other documents that present information in an easy to track way.


Advantages of Using Business Management Software

Small, medium and larger companies can all benefit from investing in business management software to assist with a number of processes, helping to make day-to-day operations simpler, better and more on budget.

While there is no doubt that not all business software is created equal, a good, reliable solution that is designed to grow with your business can offer many benefits that go far beyond the bottom line.


5 Things to Consider When Choosing Project Management Software

With a large selection of project management software options on the market, how do you go about choosing the tool that is best suited for your requirements?

While small to medium enterprises have the luxury of experimenting with new software to see whether it is a good fit for their company, larger scale enterprises need to be sure that the tools they use are able to meet the often high levels of pressure, time constraints and budget allowances.